sábado, setiembre 17, 2016

Car Modification Contest

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Modifikasi Mobil Ceper

viernes, setiembre 16, 2016

Bus Off Road Amazing Skill Driver

Bus Off Road Skill Driver Dewa

Off Road


martes, marzo 15, 2016

Confirm you know Joao Stuard Herrera Querevalú.

Hi Jonathan,
People who know you also know Joao Stuard Herrera Querevalú.
Joao Stuard Herrera Querevalú
Joao Stuard Herrera Querevalú

miércoles, junio 03, 2015

Welcome to Academia.edu!

Hi Jonathan,

Welcome to Academia.edu! 22,153,348 academics have joined the Academia.edu platform, and they have uploaded 5,928,700 papers in total.

The three main things you can do on Academia are:

You can view and edit your Academia.edu profile here:

The Academia.edu Team

Tip: To ensure that your Academia.edu page appears high up on Google, link to it from the website of your department, college, university or blog. 88% of people on Academia.edu who link to their page like this appear #1 on Google for searches for their name + university, e.g. 'Richard Price Oxford'.

viernes, junio 06, 2014

Filiberto Azabache Fernández wants to share papers with you


Filiberto Azabache Fernández would like to share papers and updates with you.

Filiberto Azabache Fernández has invited you to Academia.edu, a global network of over 10,155,647 researchers. After you sign up, you'll be able to share your papers, see analytics on your profile and papers, follow other people in your field, and more.

For more information visit: http://www.academia.edu/press or contact us: feedback@academia.edu

The Academia.edu Team

miércoles, diciembre 07, 2011

Juramentación de ingenieros civiles

Muchas felicitaciones